The Human Capital Development Vision Realization Program aims to improve the outputs of the education and training system at all stages from early education to continuous education and provide training to reach the international levels through education, rehabilitation and training programs that keep abreast of modern times and requirements and are in line with the needs of development and the local and global labor market in partnership with all relevant parties locally and internationally. The program also contributes to the development of all components of the education and training system, including teachers, trainers, faculty members, governance, evaluation systems, quality, curricula, educational and vocational paths, and training environment for all stages of education and training to cope with modern and innovative trends in the fields of education and training. The program will be based on the Islamic, educational, social and professional foundations. It will introduce new educational and training policies and systems that will enhance the efficiency of human capital in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030 to achieve comprehensiveness, quality, flexibility and serve all segments of the society to promote the Kingdom’s regional leadership and international competitiveness.