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Team of exposed and talented members delivering the right results fast. Not just results, but the results you need to operate more efficient and solve your problems.

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We’re always ready to tackle the toughest challenges, mix technologies or work hand in hand to find solutions for our customers no matter the field.

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Uncomparable after sales support and response time, we understand your operation is important to you and we are committed to being agile, swift and precise when it comes to serving you.

over 15 years in operation

Established in 2001, IPTech founders with over a 50 years of expertise set sight on creating a leading team and company in the fields serving our various industries and customers

Locally Available Internationally Connected

IPTech operates over the MENA region with partners globally located. It is very rare that a customer is out of our reach. Our global partnership with leaders allow us to always bring internal expertise to all our projects

Attracting Local and International Talents

We believe in local talent and have set our standard high to maintain a Platinum Saudization Level, encouraging and exposing local talents to the latest market trends and technologies.

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PTech is driven by a desire to provide superior and cost-effective products, technologies, and solutions – across a broad spectrum of industries.

Made with in Khobar Saudi Arabia

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Our Services

Tracking Solutions and Services

Need a solution to track your assets? Need a solution to collect data from different sources? Want to enhance your operation with IoT and Connected Navigation? IPTech offers solutions for all your needs. We also offer tailored solutions directed at specific industry needs.

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People Mobility Management

IPTech helps businesses digitize their operation, Collect.Process.Present data, optimize you’re your workforce communication, track your employees and bring your customers closer to you. We work with any industry and can tailor to your needs.

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Security Services

We offer a variety of products, services and software solutions to help you operate smarter and more secure. Some of our offerings include access control, CCTV, Cyber Security and Threat Evaluation. Here to make your business more secure.

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Industrial Services

IPTech offerings covers all your industrial needs. We cover Storage Tank Accessories, Heat Exchangers, Engineered Material and Fittings, Instrumentation. Need solutions for your hazardous areas? IPTech got your covered. Want to launch your factory in the Industry 4.0 era? We’re here to help you.

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Enterprise Application Development

Crafting a new billion-dollar app? Need a custom-made software? Want to connect sensors to your app? Require a unique solution to your problem? We’re up to the challenge. Plus, we host a set of readymade solutions for multiple types of service providers.

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Public Safety

IPTech represents some of the best solutions in Public Safety and Crisis Management. With a modern approach to an ever-increasing segment of every government, IPO Company and Stakeholders interest. Our international team is ready to help learn how to contain and solve your day to day problems.

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Communication & Networking

IPTech offers networking services such as DIA, DIA over LTE, hosting, cabling are among our many services. IPTech provides services for different industries needing ways to intelligently connect their assets and locations. We partner with some of the best providers to deliver exceptional results.

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Best Practices Consulting

IPTech’s team of consultants help you determine the best design alternative, cost reduction approach and advice to optimize your business. We also help you improve quality, increase reliability and availability, along with customer satisfaction.

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Device Designing

IPTech offers services to design devices for special applications, including designing for hazardous and classified areas. Our expertise include technologies such as GPS, GSM, RFID, Level Reading, Proximity and much more.

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Our Homes & Loved Ones

Nothing is more valuable than the safety of our homes and loved ones and their safety comes at no cost. IPTech offers intruder detection, security cameras, smart doorbells, vehicle tracking, firewall, parental internet control and much more. Looking for Solar Solutions? IPTech got your covered.

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